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    TACKLING RACISM - FARE Football Weeks 2017

    The Action Weeks against discrimination and racism of FARE network in football were launched on 05 October and will last until October 19th. 

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    Cleanup Action on Kapodistriou str.

    We clean up our neighborhood, we get to know our neighbors! Come with us, on Thursday, September 28th, at Kapodistriou str., 4 (end of Solonos str.), in Exarchia.

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    ZAGEL / the first organization of refugees

    Zagel group is the first organization of new refugees created through Alef School, at the Greek Forum of Migrants, consisting of 22 refugees.

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    Participation to the 5th International Migration Conference 2017

    The Greek Forum of Migrants participated to the 5th International Conference of Migration studies "The Migration Conference 2017" that took place in Athens, from August 23rd to 26th, in Harokopio University.

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    #WHAT ABOUT INTEGRATION? Human stories

    Abbas from Iraq, Saiyan from Syria and Zoi from Greece, reveal through their stories the exclusion and the lack of integration that migrants and refugees face everyday in Greece of 2017.

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    Join Letter of 21 NGOs on Housing issues for recognized refugees

    Athens, August 1st, 2017

    To: Minister for Migration Policy, Mr. Ioannis Mouzalas, Alternate Minister of Economy and Development, Mr. Alexis Haritsis

    Notification: UNHCR Representative in Greece, Mr. Philippe Leclerc

    TOPIC: Housing issues for recognized refugees


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    Common Press Release about violent incidents in Moria-Lesvos

    We express our deepest concern in relation to the information, complaints and testimonies about violence and abuse by the Hellenic Police in the detention center in Moria, Lesvos. 

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    African Fest 2017 / 14 July ATHENS

    A proposal from the African Network in Greece comes to cool our afternoon on Friday, 14th of July, and to give the citizens of Athens the chance to get a taste of the most famous summer African drinks. 

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    Participation to the 16th General Assembly of ENAR

    The Greek Forum of Migrants attended the 16th General Assembly of ENAR - European Network Against Racism, in Bruxelles, 28-29 June.


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    No more `paper` boats at sea, safe passage to all refugees

    On World Refugee Day (June 20th 2017), The Greek Forum of Migrants will commemorate the people who lost their lives trying to escape from war and hardship. On Tuesday June 20th, from 10 am, the students of Greek Forum`s `Alef School` as well as refugee children hosted at Welcommon, will meet at 13 Elpidos Street, outside the venue of Victoria Square Project.

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    Is Greece ready to challenge discrimination?

    The Greek Forum of Migrants organized the workshop `Is Greece ready to challenge discrimination?` on Wednesday, May 24th. The issues that were discussed concerned the rights of the migrant woman, the discrimination faced by the LGBT community and the discrimination on the grounds of religion, origin and nationality. At the event were presented representatives from 32 organizations and migrant communities. 

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    PROJECT: Walk Against Discrimination

    With the initiative of the Greek Forum of Migrants, representatives of various groups confronting racism (LGBT, Roma, migrants, HIV positive, refugees, elderly, drug addicts, religion minorities, etc.) assemble every year, on the 21st of March, in recognition of the International Day Against Racism, for an organized walk against discrimination. 

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We dream of a society where democratic cohabitation, social justice and equal civic participation will be self-evident values.
A society where everyone is expressing themselves freely, collectively and publicly, to cooperate and cooperate peacefully, regardless of race, origin, color, gender or religious beliefs.
A society that welcomes diversity as a source of growth and progress.
A civil society


Our main aim is to contribute to the difficult and long process of integration of migrants
In the Greek society, enhancing the involvement of migrants themselves and also enhancing their collective and individual responsibility.

Towards this direction, our individual objectives are:

Defending the rights of migrants and their equal social integration

Strengthening and educating migrant communities, cooperation and solidarity with each other and with other organizations

Improve immigration policies by collective public expression and their participation in the processes of dialogue and decision-making on issues that concern them.

Combating racism and xenophobia in the Greek society.


  • Ahmed Moawia

    Ahmed Moawia is from Sudan and he has been living in Greece for over 30 years. He is a journalist and an activist in the field of human rights and in the fight against racism and xenophobia.

  • Dr. Avtantil Mikaberitze

    Dr. Avtantil Mikaberitze is from Zestafoni of Georgia. He studied Classical Literature in Tbilisi and Germany and was trained at the National University of Athens in Modern Greek Literature, Theology and History of Byzantine Culture.

  • Dimitra Maliou

    Dimitra Maliou is from Albania and has been working on issues concerning the rights of migrant women for many years. She is a philologist and founding member of the Women Migrant Network and the Migrant women from the Balkans Network.

  • Anwar Iqbal

    Anwar Iqbal is from Pakistan and has been living in Greece for over 22 years. He has been an immigration mediator and activist for more than a decade. 

  • Samsideen Iddrisu

    Samsideen Iddrisu is from Ghana and has been living in Greece for over 30 years. He is the founder and former president of the Pan-African Union of Greece. He has been an activist for many years on human rights and discrimination issues.

  • Donald Okwawere

    Donald Okwawere is from Nigeria. He is an activist in migrant rights and has been dealing with the problems faced by his compatriots for years. 

  • Rita Ige Lawani

    Rita Ige Lawani is of Nigerian descent. She lives in Greece for over 26 years. She had her own business but now she works as a private employee. 

  • Adla Shashati

    Adla Shashati originates both from Khartoum and Serres. She is a journalist with a degree in Media and Cultural Studies and a postgraduate diploma at the Kapodistrian University of Athens in New Media Technologies.

  • Rosa Salis

    Rosa is from Sardinia, an island in Italy, she studied in the Department of International Relations and Governance of the University of Cagliari. She is in the office of the Greek Migrants Forum for a year and has done her internship in GFM.  

  • Antonio Cardia

    Antonio is from Sardinia, Italy. He studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Cagliari. Antonio is in the office of the Greek Migrants Forum since May 2016. 

  • Salome Ghoulaqsidu

    Salome is a student of the Department of International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus. She is an active member of the Georgian community and the "Second Generation" group of the Greek Forum of Migrants.

  • Anna Maria Filiou

    Anna Maria is a graduate of the Department of Sociology at Panteion University. She is actively involved in the Greek Forum of Migrants and she has done her internship in the organization of GFM.

  • Enri Hysenbelli

    Enri is a student in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has been a volunteer of the Greek Forum of Migrants. 

  • Vasiliki Patsia

    Vasiliki is a graduate of the Department of Sociology of Panteion University. She is an active member of the Greek Migrants Forum and she has done her internship in the organization of GFM.