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Walk Against Discrimination 2019

Walk Against Discrimination 2019

The International Day Against Racism and Racial Discrimination, on Thursday 21st of March, the Greek Forum of Migrants, for a 5th year in a row, is calling for all groups that are currently being discriminated and affected by racism to raise their voices and to declare their determination to fight all kinds of racism and humiliation of human dignity. 

The International Day against Racism (International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination), on Thursday 21st of March, the Greek Forum of Migrants, for a 5th year in a row, is calling for all groups that are currently being discriminated and affected by racism to raise their voices and to declare their determination to fight all kinds of racism and humiliation of human dignity.

Representatives from wider groups affected by discrimination and racism (PWD, LGBTQI, Roma, Migrants, Refugees, HIV positive, Elderly, Drug addicts, Mentally ill, Religion minorities, etc.) united we will have the Walk Against Discrimination #WAD2019, marching together for a better world.

  • We gather on Thursday 21 March 2019, at 3:00 pm at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Station SYNTAGMA) and we walk together towards Propylaia (station PANEPISTIMIO), where the Award Ceremony will take place:

  • The closure of the WAD 2019 will happen, as every year, with the Award Ceremony of Antiracism - Tzanetos Antypas 2019 to an organization or a person for its contribution to the dealing with the issues of anti-racism and human rights. This year, the Organizing Committee of the WAD2019 decided to award  Golden Dawn Watch -the platform of monitoring the Golden Dawn trial. It is an alliance of Civil Society organizations, which records the historic - on a national and european level - trial of the neo-Nazi organization, and opposes fascism and racist violence.

  • The award was established in 2017 in the memory of the activist and founder of  PRAKSIS organization, Tzanetos Antypas, where each year an organization or a person working on issues of anti-racism and human rights is awarded.

  • This year, the Organizing Committee of the WAD 2019 raises the issue of the increasing incidents of racist violence and hate crimes, at  European and national level. On the occasion of the upcoming elections we are about to publish a Public Statement -open for signatures and support by Civil Society and citizens, asking from the political forces to take a stand against the rise of the far-right across Europe and our country.

  • Ιnterpretation in sign language will be held by Hands-Up Agency

The Organizing Committee of the WAD2019 is consisted by:

  • Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN)

  • Greek Forum of Migrants (Union of 40 Migrant Communities)

  • Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR)


  • Migrant Integration Council of the City of Athens (SEM Athens)

  • Transgender Association in Greece

  • HumanRights360o


-The WAD2019 is supported by european networks: UNITED for Intercultural Action, ENAR European Network Against Discrimination, EGAM (European Grassroots Anti-racist Movement), FARE network  και European LGBT Police Association.

-Organizations and communities of the Civil Society, active on the human rights, that support and participate marching with us, are:

  1. 18  Ano

  2. AMEA Greek Portal for people with disabilities

  3. Wind of Renewal

  4. ANTIGONE - Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence

  5. ARSIS- Social organization for the support of youth

  6. African Network in Greece - ANG

  7. Babel - Mental health unit for migrants

  8. German Embassy

  9. Georgian Cultural Center “Causasus”

  10. Amnesty International

  11. Network for Children Rights

  12. Network of Recording Racist Violence - RVRN

  13. Network of Users of Psychoactive Substances

  14. Network of cooperation for Migrant Women “Dimitra”

  15. Police Action for human rights

  16. Hellenic League for the Human Rights

  17. Hellenic Platform for Development

  18. Greek Monitoring for Helsinki

  19. Greek Forum of Migrants (Association of Cameroonians of Greece, Congolese Community in Greece, Ethiopian Socio-Cultural Center "Aithiops", Ghanian Community in Greece, Union of Guinea of Greece, Kenyan Community in Greece (KCG), Union of Madagascar, Nigerian Women Organisation of Greece, Nigerian Community of Greece, Association of Senegalese of Athens, Unione of Sierra Leonese, Tanzanian Community in Greece, Zanzibar Association in Greece, African Network in Greece, United African Women Organization Greece, Afghan Migrants & Refugees Community in Greece, Bangladeshi Community of Greece, Greek Indian Cultural Company, Greek Pakistan Association of Greece, Federation of Albanian Communities in Greece, Georgian Cultural Center "Caucasus", Greek Georgian Union "Dioskouria", Hellenic Moldovans Association «ΟΡΦΕΥ», Association of Russian speaker and friends of Russia of the Municipality of Trikala, Ukrainian Community `The land of stork`, United Ukraine Union, Egyptian Community in Greece "El Rapta", Association of Moroccans in Greece, Palestinian Workers Union in Greece, Somalian Community in Greece, Greek Soudanese Frienship League, Sudanese Community, Association of Free Expats of Syria, Syrian House in Greece, Arab Association in Ambelokipi - Athens, Migrant Women Network "Dimitra", Zagel Refugee Group, LGBT Refugee Group)

  20. Greek Forum of Refugees

  21. Positive Voice

  22. Kentro Zois - Centre of Life

  23. Κέντρο Συμπαραστάσεως Παλιννοστούντων και Μεταναστών – Οικουμενικό Πρόγραμμα Προσφύγων

  24. Afghan Migrants & Refugees Community in Greece

  25. Kosmos xoris polemous kai via

  26. LGBT Refugee Group

  27. Melissa network - Migrant’s Women Network in Greece

  28. METAdrasis

  29. LGBTQI+ Employment Support Group

  30. OLKE - Lesbian & Gay Community of Greece

  31. Federation of Albanian Communities in Greece

  32. Organization EARTH

  33. United African Women Organization Greece

  34. Cultural Centre African Arts and Cultures - ANASA

  35. Multicolor Schools

  36. SKEP- Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth

  37. Nigerian Women Organisation of Greece

  38. SYNOIKO Koin.S.Ep. Integration of Special Groups

  39. Integration Council of Migrants - City of Athens

  40. Integration Council of Migrants - City of Piraeus

  41. Social Workers Network in Greece - SKLE

  42. Transgender Association in Greece - SYD

  43. News for Special Education

  44. Technodromo

  45. ACSAR Foundation

  46. Athens Pride

  47. Campfire Innovation

  48. Colour Youth - Κοινότητα LGBTQ Νέων Αθήνας

  49. Connect Athens

  50. Cosmos of Culture

  51. EGAM (European Grassroots Anti-racist Movement)

  52. ENAR European Network Against Discrimination

  53. European LGBT Police Association

  54. FARE network

  55. Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity


  57. Hands-Up Agency

  58. HumanRights360o

  59. HYP - Hellenic Youth Participation

  60. Inter alia Project - Civic Society Meeting Point

  61. KMOP Family and Childcare Centre


  63. Proud Seniors Greece


  65. RAINBOW FAMILIES - Οικογένειες Ουράνιο Τόξο

  66. Red Umbrella Athens

  67. Vana Ba Afrika

  68. Victoria Square Project

  69. We need books

  70. Welcommon

  71. Zagel Ομάδα Προσφύγων

  72. UNITED for Intercultural Action


Political parties are represented by:

  • Georgiou Anastasia, coordinator in the division of Migrant and Refugee Policy, Movement of Democratic Socialists

  • Zontirou Eleni, president of the 6th District of Municipality of Athens, coordinator in division of social rights and services, Movement Democratic Socialists

  • Lampsa Polina, head of department of foreign policy, Movement Democratic Socialists

  • Margaritis Theodoros, Secretary of Human Rights and Migration Division KINAL

  • Lefteris Papagiannakis, Vice Mayor in the Municipality of Athens, President of the Integration Council of Migrants of the Municipality of Athens

  • Sarris Manolis, Member of Central Committee of SYRIZA, Coordinator of Migrant and Refugee department

  • Stamatis Georgios, Secretary of Social Networks and Special Population Groups of New Democracy

  • Eleni Stavrou, Women`s Network of Socialist Democrats Movement

  • Maria Stratigaki, Vice Mayor of Social Solidarity and Welfare of the Municipality of Athens

  • Pavlos Christidis, Press Officer KINAL

  • Vasilis Chronopoulos, Member of the Department of Human Rights and Migration Policy KINAL

  • Nikos Chrysogelos, co-president “Green party Solidarity”

  • Tortorelis Charalambos, Associate of the General Secretary of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights



Under the Auspices of City of Athens


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