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Participation to the Raise Your Voice Festival 2018

Participation to the Raise Your Voice Festival 2018

The Greek Forum of Migrants participates at the attempt of Raise Your Voice Festival 2018, on Sunday 18th of November 2018, at Technopolis Gazi in Athens. Read below the Press Release of the event:

Raise Your Voice Festival - Your voice can change everything! Let’s end human trafficking together!

The “Raise Your Voice” festival aims to function as a platform for the interaction of refugees, immigrants and Greeks with the aim of familiarizing, integrating and informing them through entertainment. Through the many alternative actions and choices that it offers.

The purpose is to raise awareness of the real cost of our lifestyle in exploiting people and Modern Labor, to show the world that change can be made and to celebrate those who do it with respect for man and the planet, to bring people together to ask questions, to question how things are done today and to unite, to work together to create long-term solutions so that our societies become cariers of virtue and all business, public and individual actions to be safe, healthy and fair and to ensure that such tragedies never happen again.

Human Trafficking is an outrageous crime that violates human dignity and exists in the production of the products and services we consume. Involves sexual exploitation, forced labor, child trafficking, organ removal, forced marriages of children (OASE, 2018).

Press Release
Raise Your Voice Festival 2018

Sunday 18th November at Technopolis City of Athens, Pireus 100.

We invite you to join your voice with Alexis Georgoulis and a number of organizations from around the world at a social integration celebration that says END TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

~ 40 million people live as modern slaves, 1 out of 4 are children
~ 25 million people are in forced labor
~ 1 million in slavery in Europe.
~ Greece comes second in Εurope with a population of 7.91 per 1,000 (Global Slavery Index, 2018)

Your voice can change everything!

Participate and spread the message RAISE YOUR VOICE!
Use the hashtag  #raiseyourvoicefestival18