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Informative sessions for the vaccination process

Informative sessions for the vaccination process

During the campaign Vaccines for All the Greek Forum of Migrants organised a series of informative sessions with the migrant communities - members of the GFM:

During the six (6) months of the campaign, the Greek Forum of Migrants implemented a series of information meetings (13) with the community leaders in order to highlight the need of vaccination within the migrant population. 

Moreover, fifteen (15) meetings implemented with representatives of the following communities: Albania, Georgia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Ghana, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt,  Senegal, Kenya and Sudan plus the migrant organizations Albanian Women in Greece, Nigerian Women in Greece and Ukrainian Women`s Club. The aim of the meetings was to increase the impact of disseminating this information to a wider audience of migrants.

* The above photos are from the meetings with Ukrainian community “Land of the Stork”, Georgian community, Ethiopian center and Sudanese community event in Greek Forum of Migrants

On the social media channels via the live streaming (Facebook, Zoom) tools, GFM managed to prepare five (5) meetings in order to inform the communities on the need of vaccination and the impact for social health and two (2) live - public streaming meetings to inform the communities about the new law regarding the vaccination of undocumented migrants. One session online with the Albanian community reached 1007 views while the info session with the Georgian Community was widely distributed. We also had an info session with the community of Pakistan in the Mosque at Peristery region of Attica.


 * The above photos are from the information session in the Mosque and the online info sessions of the Albanian and Georgian Community.

A closed online info session with the representatives of the migrant communities of the Arab speaking communities (Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Libya) implemented in order to inform them about the new law for the vaccination of undocumented migrants.

Through these online informative sessions the main speaker on the event was a Doctor from the community concerned, speaking and responding to any questions asked in the native language of the community.

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