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@nclusion:Fostering inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants at local level

@nclusion:Fostering inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants at local level

Read below information about the new project Greek Forum of Migrants is participating @nclusion:Fostering inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants at local level:

@nclusion: Fostering inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants at local level

The @nclusion project comes to trigger change in the way local integration plans are developed and implemented by promoting the synergy of local authorities with migrants’ organisations and communities and LGBTQI+ organisations and other relevant CSOs for the co-design and implementation of more effective and long(er)-term plans / strategies / measures that address the intersectional needs of a particularly vulnerable group: LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees.

The ambition of the project is to develop and showcase in practice a pioneer bottom-up methodology leading to the sustainable integration of LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees in their host communities, by following a multidisciplinary approach and bringing together all stakeholders involved through highly innovative methodologies and tools.

Within this context @inclusion aims to:
  • Increase awareness and know-how of local authorities on challenges faced by LGBTQI+ migrants, as well as existing good and bad integration practices
  • Enhance the understanding & sensitization of migrant communities and organisations & LGBTQI+ organisations on including LGBTQI+ migrants
  • Increase synergy and cooperation between LGBTQI+ organisations, migrants’ organisations and local authorities
  • Develop and implement local integration strategies for LGBTQI+ migrants
  • Increase access to information for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees about practices and services in the host countries.
The above-mentioned objectives will be achieved through:
  • The identification of the needs for changes in attitudes and processes towards LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees
  • Capacity building and sensitization programme for staff/volunteers/members of migrants’ organisations, staff/volunteers/members of LGBTQI+ organizations and staff of local authorities
  • Implementation of “rainbow buddies’” schemes for newly arrived migrants and refugees.
  • Cooperation between local authorities, LGBTQI+ organizations, migrants’ organizations and other CSOs in local action planning.
  • Information portal on local services for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees in several languages.
  • Dissemination and awareness raising actions, including the development of a project website that will provide information about the project activities, project news, access to the deliverables, as well as links to the e-learning platform, portal, and the partners social media and websites.
During its 36-month lifetime, @nclusion will directly and indirectly positively impact:
  • at least 300 staff of local authorities with new awareness and know-how on the challenges faced by LGBTQI+ migrants
  • 6 local authorities with enhanced cooperation with LGBTQI+ organisations, migrants’ organisations/communities and other relevant CSOs for integrated approach towards LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees
  • at least 300 staff/volunteers/members of migrants’ organisations and communities (and other CSOs supporting migrants with increased understanding of challenges faced by LGBTQI+ migrants and increased acceptance
  • at least 150 staff/volunteers/members migrants’ organisations and communities (and other CSOs supporting migrants with knowledge and experience in supporting newly arrived LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees as mentors (‘rainbow buddies’).
@nclusion at a glance:
  • 6 National reports on the attributes towards LGBTQI+ migrants/refugees identified and the needs for support in local communities
  • 1 Transnational Report assessing LGBTQI+ migrants/refugees’ needs for support in local communities and providing recommendations for measures, methods and actions to foster changes
  • 1 e-learning platform with 3 main modules, 1 for migrants’ organizations, 1 for LGBTQI+ organizations and 1 for local authorities
  • (2) 3-day seminars in each partner country targeting 25 staff/volunteers/members of migrants’ communities and organisations on including LGBTQI+ migrants
  • (2) 3-day seminars in each partner country targeting 25 staff/volunteers/members of LGBTQI+ organizations on including LGBTQI+ migrants
  • (2) 3-day seminars in each partner country targeting 25 staff of local authorities on including LGBTQI+ migrants in policy/decision making and local action planning
  • 2 half-day mentors training workshops with 25 participants each
  • 6 mentors evaluation reports
  • 1 report summarizing the results of the evaluation in the 6 countries
  • 1-day joint online workshop among project partners and associated partners
  • 1 Digital toolbox for local authorities on local action planning for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees accessible on the project website
  • 6 Local Working Groups (WGs) comprising by the project partner (and associated partner) municipalities and the partner (and associated partner) migrants’ organizations, LGBTQI+ organizations and CSOs to co-develop or co-revise local action plans in order to address the integration needs of LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees.
  • 6 National Evaluation Reports of action plans implementation
  • 1 Digital portal with information on local services and support for LGBTQI+ migrants & refugees
  • 1 Project Website
  • 6 Project launch events
  • 6 half-day online events to promote WG’s participation in local actional planning
  • 5 1-day information events to promote the results of the project and their mainstreaming/replication in other municipalities and regions.
  • 2 presentations of the project in national and/or international events
  • 1 Closing conference

Participating countries: Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain
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