International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Walk against Discrimination - Μarching together for a better world…
Saturday, 21st March 2015
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Greek Parliament (tomb of unknown soldier)

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Walk Against Discrimination 2015

Walk Against Discrimination 2015

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Walk against Discrimination - Μarching together for a better world…
Saturday, 21st March 2015
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Greek Parliament (tomb of unknown soldier)

With the initiative of the Greek Forum of Migrants, representatives of various groups facing racism , (LGBT, Roma, migrants, HIV positive, refugees , elderly, drag addicts, religion minorities etc) gather up for the first time – on the occasion of the 21st of March, International Day for the Elimination of Racial  Discrimination – in order to organize a special walk starting from the Greek Parliament to the Prime Minister’s Office (Megaro Maximou) with the aim of handing over their requests to the new government. The list with the people participating is:

Representatives of Political Parties

1. Vasiliki Katrivanou, Member of Parliament SYRIZA
2. Zoi Apostolopoulou, Responsible Domain Migration ,TO POTAMI
3. Iason Fotilas, Member of Parliament , TO POTAMI
4. Giorgos Petalotis, Democratic Socialist’s Movement
5. Vasilis Xronopoulos, Domain of Humans Rights & Migration of PASOK
6. Maria Kouveli, Former President of the Migrants Integration Council of Athens Municipality, Representative of DIMAR
7. Grigoris Vallianatos, President of Liberal Coalition


Leyteris Papagiannakis President of Migrants Integration Council of Athens Municipality.

Arts and Culture

1. George Dalaras, Goodwill Ambassador UNHCR
2. Xaris Alexiou, Artist, Singer
3. Helen Vitali, Artist, Singer
4. Glykeria , Artist, Singer
5. Lena Divani, Professor at the Law School of Athens, Writer
6. Manos Eleftheriou, Writer, Poet
7. Giorgos Kimoulis, Actor
8. Stamatis Kraounakis, Composer
9. Anna Ragkousi-Ntalara, Producer of concerts, publisher
10. Christos Chomenidis, Writer
11. Dimitris Xristopoulos, Vice President of the International Association of Human Rights-Professor at Panteion University


1. Takis Kampilis, Journalist
2. Marilena Katsimi, Journalist
3. Pavlos Tsimas, Journalist

European Networks:

1. ENAR (European Network Against Racism)
2. EGAM ( European Grassroots Antiracist Movement)

Civil Society (coordinating committee)

1. Athens Municipality Council of Integration
2. Amnesty International - Greek Department
3. METAction (Action for Immigration and Development)
4. PRAKSIS - Programs of Development, Social Support and Medical Cooperation
5. Information and Documentation Center of Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence - ANTIGONE
6. ARSIS (Association for the Social Support of the Youth)
7. Médecins du Monde / Doctors of the World
8. Greek Sociologists’ Union
9. Greek Council for Refugees - GCR
10. Center of Life
11. Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece - OLKE
12. World Without War and Violence
13. Positive Voice - Association HIV positive people of Greece
14. Childrens Rights Network
15. Greek Helsinki Monitor
16. 50+ Hellas
17. Greek Forum of Refugees
18. National Commission for Human Rights - NCHR
19. Generation 2. 0
20. Melissa
21. Lalibela - Aid Association of Ethiopian Children
22. Rainbow families - LGBT
23. Organisation Against Drugs - OKANA
24. Babel Day Center
25. Greek Transgendered Support Association
26. Cultural Association of Kipsely
27. i – Living- Independent Living Organization of Greece
28. Colour Youth, Κοινότητα Lgbtq Athens

In the walk will also participate priests from:

1. Catholic Church
2. Coptic Church
3. Muslim Imams
4. Orthodox Ethiopian Church

The Greek Forum of Migrants (G.F.M.) is a network of migrant organizations and communities. It is a form of self-management of migrants. In particular , the aims of G.F.M. consist οn the self-management of the immigrant communities and their involvement in procedures for their equal integration and participation in Greek society, the defense of their rights and the promotion of their proposals and requests in public discussion with State representatives and institutions, the development of actions against racism and xenophobia, as well as the promotion of values such as Multiculturalism, Democracy, Social Justice and equal social Participation. The members of the G.F.M. are on the list below:

Members of the Greek Forum of Migrants:

1. Union of Egyptian Workers in Greece
2. Federation of Albanian Associations in Greece
3. Afghan Community of Greece
4. Union of Ethiopians Workers in Greece
5. Greek-Georgian Union – Dioskouria
6. Zanzibar Community in Greece
7. Association of Arabic Community of Ampelokipi, Athens
8. Greek-Indian Cultural Company
9. Association of Cameroonians of Greece
10. Kenyan Community of Greece
11. Community of Congo in Greece
12. Association of Moroccan Community in Greece
13. Greek-Moldavian Association “Orphev”
14. Community of Bangladeshi people in Greece
15. Nigerian Community in Greece
16. Association of Nigerian Women in Greece
17. Community of Ukrainians in Greece. “The land of the Stork”
18. Organization of United Women of Africa
19. All Africa Association in Greece
20. Greek – Pakistani Association in Greece
21. Union of Palestian Workers in Greece
22. Association of Russian Speakers and Russian Friends, of Trikala Region
23. Union of Sierra Leone in Greece
24. Community of Ghana in Greece
25. Greek – Soudan Friendship Association
26. Tanzanian Community of Greece
27. Association of Syrians Overseas in Greece
28. Association of Maghreb Arabi in Crete
29. Community of Ethiopia in Greece

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